What's my antique jewellery worth?

If you are holding on to precious family heirlooms and antique jewellery you may want to have the value assessed for a number of reasons including insurance valuations or simply to just to know what your jewellery is worth.

Antique jewellery may often be more valuable to the family than the actual metallic and gem values that make up the actual pieces.

When these pieces are assessed, we generally look at the metals used to see if they are gold, silver, platinum etc. or other metals that are simply plated. We also look at the various gems that make up the piece looking at their cut, clarity, carats etc.

Antique jewellery can often have flaws in the materials as they have not been maintained and could result in the gems falling out or, if a clasp is worn, falling off all together. It is a good idea to have these pieces inspected prior to wearing them.

If you find that these antique jewellery pieces are outdated and too old looking, you may want to consider repurposing the gems and metals and creating a new and more modern piece that you can use daily to keep that special memory of its origins close to your heart.

Book an appointment with us to have a look at your antique jewellery items and give you an estimate value as well as to discuss your options should you with to remanufacture the gems and materials into another piece that you would get more use out of.

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