Caring for your Jewellery

When purchasing any jewellery piece, you are purchasing something that needs caring and maintenance, to be looked after. At Goldland Jewellery, we offer you free polishing on your items whenever you need, we usually recommend to bring in your pieces every 4 to 6 months to get a check up.

Getting jewellery serviced every few months is a must, we have a jeweller on site who will properly service your piece to make sure it always stays looking flawless.

Pearl care

Pearl rings, earrings and pendants should also be checked once a year to ensure pearls have not come loose from their settings.

Do not store your pearls away in sealed bags or place under prolonged sunlight or lights as this can cause dehydration, discolouration and damage to the pearl. Cosmetics and cleaning chemicals should not come into contact with your pearls. Your pearls should be worn subsequent to the application of cosmetics and perfumes.

Pearls can be cleaned using a soft jewellery cloth which may be moistened with mild soapy water. Never immerse your pearls in water or place them in an ultrasonic cleaner. After every wear they should be cleaned and packed in their box, away from other jewellery which may easily scratch or damage them.

Diamond care

Try to avoid wearing your jewellery in the shower, pool or allowing your diamonds to come into contact with cleaning chemicals such as bleach, soap, chlorine and hand creams, as they may cause an adverse reaction on the metals and leave a cloudy appearance on the diamonds.

If your jewellery does come into contact with such chemicals, it is recommended to rinse it off with clean warm water. Avoid extreme temperature changes, such as rinsing diamonds under hot water, followed immediately by cold water or even hot saunas to cold showers, as sudden temperature changes can affect the diamond adversely and cause internal cracking or shattering your diamond.

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